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CHARMS cute Koala bear pendant
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*100% sterling silver
*Delivery time is 30 days to confirm the order time shall prevail
*The minimum quantity for each product is 50
*The official website is priced at the cost per gram
*Silver price in accordance with the day the international silver
Product Manual
Subversion of traditional traditional model innovation inspiration
Select the product order to determine the production of one-stop online processing
Click on the product to the shopping cart after the first time we will contact you by mail to confirm the order information,
After the next deposit, our factory immediately for your production products
After the factory has been rigorously checked, we will inform you to settle the balance and we will help you to contact the shipping company to your hands
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Are beads suitable for all well-known brand bracelets?
Answer: our brand is CHARMS magic beads, all beads are made from 100%925 sterling silver, suitable for all well-known brand bracelet. Free freight during the discount period.
Are your charms and Pandora bracelets generic?
Answer: Yes, all our CHARMS magic bead products are 100%, 925 sterling silver, and Pandora universal, but our prices are half of them. Higher performance price ratio.
Do we offer wholesale discounts?
A: we have regular promotions and we offer retail discounts. You can consult via email: info@scharms.com.
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Do you have an entity store?
Answer: in order to maintain our long-term preferential price, we in the official online sales and consignment shops selling two modes of cooperation. You can buy our authentic goods.
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Answer: Generally speaking, after the order payment will show the waiting, if has the question, may email or on-line contact customer service inquiry.
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A: after the order is successful, the system will send a confirmation letter to your email automatically. We are happy to answer any of your questions via email: info@scharms.com.
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We are pleased to cancel the order for you with the order number.
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Can you send it all over the world?
A: we are opening the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions for the time being. The global market is our future goal. Please pay attention to our CHARMS magic beads.
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Answer: when the customs check the exact time, there will be the possibility of tax, this part of the cost of customer commitment.
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Number :  DZ006
theme :  Animals
Color :  silver
Material :  925 Sterling silver
Weight :  3.190g
Size :  15.6mm*10.3mm
Mosaic :  no
Crafts :  18K plating
Remark :  Manual measurement, there are minor errors are nor