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Common problems

+ products related
Beads are suitable for all well-known brand bracelet?
Answer: our brand is CHARMS magic ball, all the beads are made of 100% pure silver 925, suitable for all well-known brand bracelet. During the offer free shipping.
Your charms and universal Pandora bracelet?
Answer: yes, all of our CHARMS magic bead products are 925 sterling silver, 100% with Pandora gm, but our price is only half of them. More cost-effective.
Do you offer wholesale discount?
A: we have regular promotion, we will provide the retail price to our customers. You can consulting by email: info@scharms.com.

+ shopping guide
How do I use my coupon?
A: in general can be used in two ways. It is not the login account, fill out the "coupon code" in the shopping cart page inside the box. The other is a login account first, and then fill in the shopping cart page will appear "coupon code" inside the box.
Do you have a store?
A: in order to maintain our long-term preferential price, we are the official online sales and consignment stores selling two modes of cooperation. Can buy to our authentic goods.
Why add a shopping cart page don't jump?
A: when you add a shopping cart order, page does not jump. This may be because your browser is slow, the likelihood is you add the products out of stock, could you forget to choose size or color of the item.
You can try to change a browser or to check whether you have choose the size or color. If you have questions please contact online customer service request help at random. We are happy to be of service to you.


+ order related
How do I check my order information?
A: provide your order number or invoice number, so that we can check and answer your question. Thank you for your support.
Why did my payment but the order status of the account according to wait?
A: generally speaking, the order will be displayed after payment to wait, if there is any doubt can email or contact online customer service queries.
How do I confirm my order has been completed?
A: after the success of the order, the system will automatically send confirmation letter to your E-mail. We are glad to answer any questions you have by email: info@scharms.com.
Why not received the confirmation email after order?
A: your email will confirm the mail as spam by mistake. Please check your junk mail. In order to facilitate you receive we send all the information, you'd better use of the most commonly used E-mail.
When I receive a payment confirmation email delivery already?
Answer: when you receive a confirmation email that your order has been packed ready to shipment. If there are special reasons lead to delivery delay, we will inform you by E-mail, and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.
Need how long can I receive my order?
A: your order will be issued in 1-2 working days, Courier number will be in the form of mail sent to your E-mail, package will be delivered in 2 to 7 working days. You can email to provide Courier number to track the status of parcel,
If you are not in the expected time received parcel, you can contact your local Courier company, or contact us. Note: the expected delivery time is according to the time, not according to your order of time.
Losses caused by the Courier shipping information, shall be borne by the customer.
How can I track my parcel?
A: you can email the confirmation email, click on the query the parcel tracking number to query the parcel status.
I haven't received my package how to do?
A: after the package sent by parcel tracking number query condition, if the parcel is lost, please contact our customer service department, we will help you to verify, once confirmed lost, we will give you arrange shipment or refund.
But if the parcel is because the customer lost causes, so so responsibility will be borne by the customer.
How can I cancel the order?
A: in your payment within 12 hours after, can help you to contact the customer cancel the order, after 12 hours, we will according to the parcel delivery delivery situation and our return policy to deal with for you. You can contact customer service,
Provide the order number, we would be happy to cancel the order for you.

+ transport costs and
You can send to the world?
A: we temporarily open the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. The global market is our future goal. Please concern our CHARMS magic bead.
Do you have the tariff?
Answer: in the customs check strict, there will be have been tax may, the fees shall be borne by the customer.
Why the package of goods worth less than I paid?
A: to help clients avoid taxes, we will according to the price to declare customs in every region of the policy. Note: in order to save our time of delivery, we are not going to put your order information one by one in the package.

+ return to a replacement

How do I return or exchange?
A: we accept life born 365 days warranty and quality problem, if the goods quality problems, will bear the cost of exchange produced by us, if it is a customer for personal reasons, will bear the cost of the exchange to produce by the customer.
If necessary you can ask the customer service for the return address, please send back the goods with the original packaging.
Trading & return charge?
A: if you received a wrong or damaged goods, please contact our customer service by email, we are happy to solve the problem for you. Email to us, please also upload error or damage to the pictures of the goods.
Note: the return of the final cost will depend on the details of the order, if because of personal reasons of return customers, we will charge 3% of the order price as the bank fees.
Return and guide
Packing the goods in good condition,
1. Please contact customer service for return address, because if the packing result in damage to the goods, we will refuse to a refund.
2. Return please attach the order number, your name and commodity information.
3. Please send your return package tracking information, send an email to our customer service to you as soon as possible so that we can confirm a refund.
4. Please keep return receipt, if the parcel lost, you can't provide the return receipt, we will not be able to refund to you.
5. Deal with the refund will be in 3 working days we receive the parcel.
Note: the freight is not refundable.

+ payment related
Pay channels have those?
A: we have to cooperate with third-party payment platform. Pay treasure, WeChat pay, unionpay to pay. Immediate payment is directly from your bank account. Shopping is more convenient and safer.
I have already passed the payment, why also show did not pay my order?
A: if you are not shown in the account payment record, please verify that your terms of payment, the deal may not be close. In this case, please send your payment transaction number provided to us.
What is third party payment transaction number?
A: payment transaction number is a third party trading platform to provide proof of payment, can also be used to track payment status of scharms.com.
What method of payment you accept?
A: PayPal, alipay, WeChat pay, unionpay payment, credit card and debit card payments.
The refund need how long can arrive?
A: handle refund within 48 hours after you receive our confirmation to cancel information, third-party payment platform, there will be a single transaction to deal with. You can get information from third-party payment platform. Credit card payment will refund time according to the policy of different bank you can also call the third-party payment platform, or credit card bank confirm your refund.